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Need an Indie folk fix for your music library? Look no further than Sophomore Leah Taub. With powerful, heart-felt vocals accompanied by a haunting ensemble, Taub creates relaxing, thought-provoking music. Taub is inspired by a variety of artists like Sufjan Stevens, Elliot Smith, Pink Floyd, Faming Lips and Radiohead. However, her greatest influence in her song-writing process is her personal life experiences.

“When things feel out of the ordinary I write about them and sometimes when people listen to it, I realize that I’m not the only one feeling this way,” she said. Her featured tracks focus on taking her first-hand experiences and conveying them to general situations that college students can relate to.

“Kids These Days” is a song that questions the culture of today’s youth and embraces the fear surrounding the choices we make as young people. Throughout the track she uses her powerful yet soothing voice to sing lyrics like “We’re all just running backwards now”. Being my personal favorite out of the three tracks, the foundation of “Kids These Days” can be heard in the intricate guitar playing and incisive banjo picking that can be clearly heard throughout the song. It’s a great song to listen to while driving with the windows down on a crisp fall day.

From Charlotte, N.C., Taub distinguishes herself from other singer-songwriters with her heavy classical background in vocal performance. Taub has been singing since she was a kid and is now a vocal performance major at the Department of Music at UNC. Taub’s vocal style is unique in the sense that she creates a warm, gentle ambience to the music while still projecting strong melodies. Her voice is a powerful tool that connects her with the audience on a truly deep level with very honest and austere lyrics. This allows Taub to project her voice on an intimate level to listeners. Her recordings sound like it’s almost as if she is performing right in front of you.

With music comparable to Mumford & Sons and vocals to Fleet Foxes, Taub is a great addition to your local music collection. While there are no definite plans for the future, Taub is considering to audition for an opera company, pursue the dream of a touring artist or travel across the United States to explore what the world has to offer her.
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Click here to download the songs!